You’ve never eaten sushi before, have you?


Do you ever just cry about how we should have gotten a funny show about a cute latino boy/werewolf in High School and the hijinx he gets up to with his friends, including a tough-as-nails, independent, but sweet and kind girlfriend, a sympathetically portrayed Mean Popular Girl who’s also a genius, a hot, nerdy gay jock, a devious but loyal and funny bisexual best friend, and a brooding-badboy-but-secretly-sensitive-and-gentle older werewolf.

there’s no such thing as fate.


i’ve been marathoning bob’s burgers for three days

why are you so bitter about lydia's intelligence?


because they have such!!!! an opportunity with her????? they have a certifiable GENIUS and what do they do. they take away her agency and reduce her to a damsel every, single, time. not once has lydia been the one to figure everything out on her own. she’s always needed help. you really think that a genius couldn’t figure a single thing out on her own??? her IQ is 170 or around it, you think she couldn’t work that out??? to give you context, einstein had an IQ of 160. albert einstein had an IQ lower than lydia martin, according to their canon hints.

yet somehow she is unable to ever fend for herself, unable to ever solve complex puzzles, and unable to ever figure anything out faster than (and i’m not trying to hate on him right now) stiles, who is of what we’d assume would be only slightly higher than average intelligence.

the problem of lydia’s intelligence is that they use her and the characters on the show use her and everyone is using her!! lydia is a toy to to the writers, and to the characters on the show for the most part. in season 2 they don’t tell lydia ANYTHING, they put her in active danger and refuse to give her any kind of control or let her try to help herself, yet they use her knowledge of archaic latin because it’s convenient to them. this is a pattern repeated throughout the series. 

lydia’s intelligence is used on the show as a plot device rather than an intrinsic part of her character, the way it would be if they were developing her properly. lydia is reduced to nothing but a damsel screaming for help whenever they need someone for the boys or the “stronger” characters to save, and it’s only when they don’t know how they’re going to insert a tidbit of knowledge to further the plot that they allow lydia brief bursts of fact, like she’s a jeopardy game generator.

i’m bitter because lydia is twisted this way and that depending on absolutely anything but her own wants and desires and is not ever allowed to display her intelligence to help herself. lydia martin is only allowed to be intelligent when it suits other more important people than herself. when she’s in danger, she is suddenly voiceless and helpless, that intelligence taken away until someone else needs it again.

hell yeah i’m bitter about that.

Dude it’s Beacon Hills

AKA y’all mother fuckers are shit ass secret keepers. Are you serious man. You’ve been bleeding in front of me an inviting me to your weird ass parties and dying all the damn time. No normal teenagers take this much time off school. I hope you realize my best friend was fucking Jackson. Have you met Jackson? Jackson is a subtle as a train wreck on a fucking boat. He turned into a lizard and y’all thought “oh man Danny won’t notice” WHAT DID YOU THINM HAPPENED WHEN I HELPED RECOVER THE FOOTAGE YA DIP SHITS. Do you know who my closest girl friend is? Lydia fucking Martin. Did you think I wouldn’t notice her going crazy? Fuckin Stiles invited me over to his house and was like “this is my cousin Miguel” are you shitting me I realize that this is Derek Hale I watch the news. God fucking dammit guys. (via fuckyeahstydia)